RPRF Consultation Session Recordings and Parish Info

Below are links to recordings of both consultation sessions:

Monday Consultation Session (11/15/21)

Wednesday Consultation Session (11/17/21)

To access more detailed information about our parish click on this link:

Parish Information for Sacred Heart

At the above link, you will be able to find the following information about our parish:
Parish Workbook/Parish Assembly: Financial and sacramental data related to your parish and the parishes that surround you.
MissionInsite Data: Larger socioeconomic trends related to a radius around your parish.
Parish Feedback Summary: You will also be able to see the feedback received from your Key Parish Leaders over the summer.

Most importantly, click here to provide more feedback when you are ready:


This feedback form will ask you a few demographic questions in the beginning and then you will be able to select our parish to provide specific feedback on the options presented during the parish session.
There are multiple places to provide alternatives, questions, suggestions in freeform text.
PLEASE NOTE: The survey looks as though there are 100+ questions – that is not the case. You will only be asked to answer about 20 questions.

We are seeking all parishioner feedback to be submitted no later than December 15, 2021.